Drawing & Portfolio Group Workshop
Improve your drawings and get your portfolio ready to submit for jobs!
With Animation Director Sergio Paez
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2 Live Online Workshop Sessions
* only 20 spots available
What you will learn
There is a high demand for trained storyboard artists and the majority of portfolios are missing the key skills needed to get you working as a pro. This course includes live online training sessions and bundled course materials that you can study and reference from now and into the future.
Live Group Session 1 
We will start with an opening session to go over your existing materials. This live online workshop will go over specific things to include or remove from your portfolio. This includes what you need to create a PDF book, website, and animatics. From this opening session you will take the guidance and work on your drawings leading up to Session 2. Homework assignment included to go over in Session 2.
Live Group Session 2
This session will continue refining the portfolio presentation and target those scenes and drawings you need to fill out and showcase your skills. Each live session is recorded so you can reference the materials at any time.
Private Facebook Group 
With this course you get exclusive private access to our course Facebook group. Here you can collaborate with the other attendees and create the network that you will use for ideas and job prospects. Once you sign up you will be added to the group and the collaboration begins right away. We will be feeding you suggestions and materials from when you sign up until the Live sessions in May 2018.
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Why is it Important to Learn from Working Professionals?
  •  Each of these guys are at the top of their game. It's rare to find someone willing to share their techniques like they do.
  • Art schools cost a fortune and you won't learn half as much as you would directly from a true pro
  •  There is no time to waste when it comes to your career. Get the knowledge you need to succeed.
  •  Don't miss this chance to learn from these award winning and recognized professionals.
What other story artists say about Sergio Paez
"First, I wanted to thank him again for that portfolio review we had. His advice really helped me to make a lot of choices lately. So here the big news: 
I accepted Nickelodeon's job last Friday, so I am moving to Burbank in about a week and half. The craziest thing is 3 hours after saying yes to Nick, Disney called me to hired me on a feature. "
- J-Sebastien Duclos
"I wanted to take the time to thank you for both the portfolio review and your workshop. To catch a review with you I ditched the line for a studio's portfolio review, and honestly, it was 100% worth it. I'll be working on what I learned for my action scenes and be more active on StoryboardArt.org forums from now on."
- Henrique Jardim
"I did a portfolio review with Sergio Paez and purchased some of his webinar lessons. His teaching and lessons are probably the best you can find on the internet if you love to storyboard action scene! I learned a lot and managed to complete my portfolio within 6 months. Sergio's expertise on perspective, and action scenes really improved my storyboards. He also gives a lot of tips and trick how to land a freelance job, market yourself, and deal with clients."
- Ricky Gunatan
"Hi Sergio, you are truly one of the greatest board artists I really admire. I collect all lectures you have on Youtube. All inputs, techniques you've shared and continuously sharing has gained me a lot, improved my skills even better and even elevated my status as Animation Director. Storyboarding is indeed my interest. Thank you so much."
- Jerry Santiago
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